What's in my makeup kit             with Jessica Manis (18 minutes).


Airbrush 101                              with Crystal Kurtz  (51 minutes).


Eye Basics 101                             with Haley Bolen   (51 minutes).

Learn how to do a base look which you do on every client. You can build from the base look.

Smokey/ Dramatic Eye                    comming soon...


Advanced Airbrushing                     with Jami Shell  (51 minutes).

Highlight, Contour & Airblush

How to exicute a perfect trial run       with Haley Bolen (36 minutes).

Communication tips & tricks.

Highlighting & Contouring                  with Jessica Manis  (18 minutes)


How to cover a back tattoo in 25 minutes in a few simple steps.    with Crystal Kurtz  (25 minutes) NO COLOR CORRECTING OR AIRBRUSHING NEEDED!


What's in my hair kit                  with Rachel Schaurer (15 minutes).


Learn how to create 6 different types of curles. Learn how to install extensions                      with Crystal Kurtz (40 minutes).


Boho Chic Knot Braid- no heat  with Paige J  (28 minutes).


Modern French Twist-           with Ashley Walker  (32 minutes).


Waterfall braid turned into updo   with Crystal Kurtz  (29 minutes).


Bohemian Hair                     with Jessica Manis  (29 minutes).


20 minute updo with hair donut. Sleek & Simple                        with Ashley Walker  (17 minutes).


High Updo                               with Crystal Kurtz  (17 minutes).