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Frequently asked Questions

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Q: Will the artist that does my trial be the same artist that will come to me on my wedding day?

A: Absolutely! The same artist that conducts your trial run will be the same artist that will travel to you on your wedding day.

Q: Do I get to choose my stylist? How do you choose who my stylist will be?

A: Your artist will be determined depending on your location and artist availability. All of the artists are talented and licensed pros. 

Q: How do I contact my artist to set up a trial? 

A: When you are ready to set up your trial run, send us an email and we will provide you with your artist's trial availability. We take care of all coordination. Once you have chosen a trial date and time we will send you a detailed trial confirmation including contact information for your artist.

Q: Where will my trial run take place?

A: The artist's we book for are on location stylists. Some artists have their own studios and others only provide on-location accommodations.  We will provide you with more details when you are ready to book your trial.

Q: When will my final payment be due?

A: Your final payment is due to each artist individually on the wedding day.

Q: I have multiple looks I want to try at my trial. How many looks do I get?

A: The trial is set for one look. If you would like multiple looks, we can schedule back to back trial looks for you. Each look is subject to the same trial pricing.

Q:  How do I book my wedding date?

A:  A signed bridal service agreement with a reservation payment is required in order to book your wedding date. 

Q:  How much time do you usually schedule per person (hair or makeup)?

A:  Bride: 1 hour for hair, 1 hour for makeup |  Bridesmaids/Mothers: 35-45 minutes for hair, 45 minutes for makeup.  

Q:  Will I have to reapply my lip color through the day?

A:  Lip products used are long wearing, however will not last all day. Lipstick is the only thing you will need to touch-up.  We suggest Brides/Bridesmaids/mothers/etc... bring their own lip color for touch-ups. If you would like to use the same lip product applied at your trial please ask the artist where you can get it or if she can get it for you.

Q:  What do I need to do to prepare to have my makeup and/or hair done?

A:  You will need to have a freshly cleansed face before having makeup applied, and clean/dry hair. If your hair is naturally textured, please come with hair relaxed or blown out if not planning to use your natural curl.

Q:  What type of lashes do you use?

A:  Strip lashes are provides for all makeup applications. They range from natural to dramatic depending on your desired look.

Q:  Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

A:  We do not have any hidden fees. All additional fees are outlined on our price menu.


Q:  Should I have my hair or my makeup done first?

A:  It truly doesn't matter.  Whatever works out best in your day of schedule.

Q:  Would you recommend getting a facial prior to my wedding?

A:  Having a facial leading up to your wedding day is a great idea!  Just make sure the last one is at least 1 week before your wedding. It is a good idea to have one a few months prior as well just to see how your skin reacts. 


Q:  Do you recommend getting my eyebrows professionally done?

A:  Absolutely! Properly groomed eyebrows make a huge difference in how the makeup turns out.  The fine hairs can keep the makeup from sticking to the skin properly.  Be sure to do any waxing services 5-7 days prior to your event.


Q:  Should I or my bridal party get a spray tan for wedding day?

A:  If you are planning on having a spray tan, please make sure you are going to a professional. This is something you should experiment with in the months leading up to the wedding day. Make sure to exfoliate your entire body very well. 

Q: Will my deposit come off my total?

A: The reservation fee is just the amount that is due upfront. It is not deducted from services. It is refundable should you need to cancel for any reason as long as you cancel and request the refund at least 90 days before the wedding. 

Q:  What if I need to cancel my reservation?

A:  Reservations can be canceled up to 90 days prior to the wedding with a written cancellation request. If a reservation is canceled after the 90 day mark, there will be a 30% cancellation fee of the entire wedding day reservation. Cancellations within the week of the wedding would still be charged. 

Q:  What if I my counts drop or increase?

A:  Reservations counts can be altered up to 90 days prior to the wedding.  If counts drop after the 90 day mark (resulting in loss of one or more artists from the reservation), there will be a %30 fee on the dropped counts. This will go to the artist to compensate for loss of work for the day. You are more than welcome to add applications to your counts after the 90 day mark. However, if you will then need an additional artist added we can not guarantee an additional artist will be available. We will look into it immediately and let you know your options.

Q:  Will I receive some type of schedule for my hair and makeup on the wedding day?

A:  Our scheduling department will send you a detailed schedule approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding day for you to look over and approve. They will work directly with you to make sure it is perfect. Once you approve your schedule a final draft will be emailed to your wedding day artists.


Q:  Do you automatically include gratuity?

A:  Gratuities are not included. We do add on 20% gratuity for all non cash payments. 

We hope this answers most of your questions. Feel free to reach out if you have anything else we can help you with!

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