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How to Prep Your Skin for Your Orlando Wedding Day 

From Florida's Award Winning Hair & Makeup Artists

Holding your wedding in Orlando, Florida can be simply magical (Disney pun intended). Even aside from Disney, there are endless beautiful and memorable venues to choose from in Orlando that will be sure to make your special day so special and memorable. 


The one inevitable thing that every Orlando bride has to prepare for is…humidity and heat. These two together bring along some extra prep for your skin in order to make sure your face is wedding day ready and will provide the right canvas for all day makeup hold. Your skin prep should begin several months before the big day and many times, brides-to-be wait until the last minute to think about their skin and end up doing more harm than good with last minute “quick fixes”. We hope this blog finds you well before your Orlando wedding day but don’t panic if you are close to the big day and feel unprepared. Even the little details to consider the week and days leading up will help you shine bright like the star you are…but not in the oily, bad shiny type of way.


Six Months Before Your Wedding Day


We know, we know- six months sounds like a really long time to begin prepping your skin to be wedding ready BUT this is actually one of the most crucial steps. No matter how good your photographer is or how amazing your makeup artist is (REFeyeANCE Makeup and Hair, of course), we can not change the texture or balance of your skin. The only way to ensure you have that smooth, well-balanced skin you are wanting is to begin and *keep up* with a daily beauty regimen. 


Six months before your wedding, if you don’t already have one- get your hands on some quality products that work for your skin type and begin a daily/weekly beauty regime of exfoliating, cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunscreen application (this one is especially important for our Florida brides). This will help to shrink pores, reduce fine lines, even and balance tone and texture to give you the flawless skin you so well deserve on your big day.

One Month Before Your Wedding Day

Now that you’ve done the hard work for the last five months in keeping up a daily skincare routine, you should be seeing some beautiful, balanced skin! We want to make sure not to disrupt or mess up any of that hard work. So one month before your wedding day and forward, we recommend not adding in any new treatments or products.


Our skin is very sensitive and it takes a while to adjust to new products. Adding in a new product or trying out a new skin treatment could cause inflammation, irritation, dryness and/or breakouts that you absolutely do not want to be around on your wedding day. Stick with what you’ve got and be sure to test out any new products before the one month countdown begins. 


One Day Before Your Wedding Day

Now is the time to prep your beautiful canvas! Focus on hydrating and soothing your skin today. The best canvas for long-lasting makeup in humid Florida climate is one that is calm, firm and hydrated. Again, avoid sun exposure if you can and be sure to load up on sunscreen if you cannot- this includes your neck, chest and shoulders. Don’t forget to keep drinking that water, babe! If you can avoid alcohol consumption, do so and if you can’t (we totally get it, it's the day before your wedding), do your best to limit it.


Most importantly- if a stubborn pimple or blemish does decide it wants to attend your wedding uninvited, do your very best NOT to mess with it! We promise- picking, popping or irritating the blemish will only make it more inflamed and harder to conceal. Let your makeup artist do the work in covering it up for you! 

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One Week Before Your Wedding Day


The final countdown is on…just seven days left until the best day ever! There are a few things you’ll want to make sure to check off your skincare list before this final week. 


If…and only IF you’ve been getting routine facials, you’ll want to get your final facial at least a week before to avoid any breakouts or irritation. One week should also be your cutoff for any eyebrow waxing or threading you plan to do for the same reasons! 


Also, being an Orlando bride, this can be tricky but you’re going to want to limit sun exposure and remember extra sunscreen this week so you don’t get any unwanted sunburns or weird tan lines. If you’re planning to get a spray tan- be sure to do this at least 2-3 days prior and after any waxing/threading appointments. Most importantly, be sure to focus heavily on hydrating your skin and body- drink lots of water, you hydrated QUEEN! 


Happy wedding day! All the stress and planning is finally complete…you’ve made it and now it's time to relax and soak it all in. Speaking of soaking it all in- try and opt for water-based skincare products this morning so your products can do just that- soak into your skin and give you all the hydrating benefits without the unwanted shiny complexion that often comes along with oil-based products. This is especially important with being an Orlando or Florida bride! After that, it's time to let your makeup artist take it from here and give you the beautiful, stunning bridal look you’ve always dreamed of. You worked hard for this, girl. You deserve it! 


Be sure to have someone from your bridal party bring along some oil blotting sheets in case some shine does arise and ENJOY! You can laugh, cry (happy tears only) and dance the night away knowing your skin looks phenomenal and your makeup won't budge. You’ll be glowing all the way into the after party. 

On Your Wedding Day

When it comes time to book your bridal beauty team, choose Orlando’s best wedding makeup artists and hair stylists- REFeyeANCE Makeup & Hair. Our certified professional makeup artists provide on-site airbrush makeup and hair services throughout Orlando and Florida. Offering an array of services, our bridal beauty team will assist you in crafting the perfect package to fit your wedding needs. From makeup trials to wedding day hair extensions, we use only the highest quality products for superior results and to ensure that your bridal makeup & hair look flawless with an all-day waterproof/ heat resistant wear. We can’t wait to bring your Orlando wedding day beauty goals to life! Begin the booking process today at

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