Award Winning Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists

Welcome to REFEYEANCE IV, winner of The Knot & Wedding Wire’s “Best of” award 8 years running. Our #1 goal is to make you look and feel your best on your special day by sending your area's top wedding makeup talent right to your location.


No other talent agency can say they’ve been in the top 2% for best customer service and talent 9 years in a row.


To all of the brides who’ve given us the honor of helping them look stunning on their special day, we want to say thank you! To all of the brides to be who want professional, affordable on-location makeup and hair from award-winning stylists, we say welcome!


All of our artists have a passion for making you the best, most beautiful version of yourself. We’ve collaborated with hundreds of brides around the country to create breathtaking style themes.


Wherever you are, we are ready to bring the beauty to you.




You’ve dreamed of this day since you were old enough to understand its meaning. The last thing you need to worry about is traveling to a salon or makeup counter.


Each stylist has been carefully hand picked based on their many years of experience, certification, licensing, and pure talent. There are just some things you can’t learn from a book. It takes over 5 years of experience to become a lead makeup artist or hair stylist.


The airbrush makeup is all-day, waterproof, and fabulous (so you won’t have to worry about turning the waterworks on!).


What sets us apart is that we do more than just understand the colors, styles, or latest trends. We understand the bride. Your personality, tastes, quirks, finer points, and lifelong visions for this day. We combine that with the latest airbrushing techniques to deliver a flawless creation that reveals the perfect inner you (and looks great on hi-def camera!).

  • Look Flawless: You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. There’s no room for error.  Award-winning stylists are Swiss-army designers: they can do it all. Makeup Artists & Pro Wedding Hair Stylists combine your vision with our expertise to create the perfect look no matter which style you’ve dreamed of. We encourage you to take a trial run with your specially selected stylist so you two can develop a deeper relationship and better understanding of what you envision for your big day.

  • To-Your-Door Service: We bring the beauty to you no matter where you are. Your artist can help you get ready at home or in your bridal suite. You’ve spent so long waiting for this day. You deserve to be pampered. That’s what we plan to do! Sit back, relax, and let us handle everything!

  • Award-Winning Customer Service: It takes special customer service to win awards 8 years running. You know as well as anyone how stressful planning a wedding can be. Throughout your entire hair and makeup experience, you will be pampered with prompt communication, expert style advice, the latest makeup products, and so much more. Your stylists even carry extra products for oily, sensitive, or dry skin to make sure you look great all day on camera (because that’s really what matters most!). You’ll even be given a schedule 3-4 weeks in advance so you can plan better.  We are always available 24-7 to answer your questions!

  • One-of-a-Kind Style: No two brides are the same, and we plan to keep it that way. Pro Stylists participate in bridal hair trainings throughout the year, so they are always up to date on the latest trends in the industry. They can flawlessly execute any makeup or hairstyle. You’ll be a unique creation whose hair and makeup will look incredible for hours.

  • Services for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Groups: We aren’t just for the blushing bride! Let us know who else in your party needs to look perfect for the photos that will define your marriage, and we’ll make it happen. From the youngest bridesmaids to the mother of the bride, Eye Do can make it happen. Each adult makeup will receive complimentary lashes & airbrushing. 

We are more than a bridal makeup and hair styling agency. REFEYEANCE IV is a partner in creating incredible wedding stories across the country. We are honored to read the stories that brides have written about us. 


We’ve helped hundreds of brides around Dallas and hundreds more across the country, and we’d be honored to help make your wedding day dreams come true. Remember, this is your big day and the bride is the centerpiece of the entire wedding! Imagine how incredible it will feel to have all eyes admiring how amazing you look not just on your big day but in all of the memories that will last a lifetime.




You never know what will come your way when planning a wedding. Working with an agency protects you from disaster and guarantees a level of quality in ways that an individual artist cant. A few of the benefits include:


  • The Latest Materials: Artists that come equipped with everything from the latest sanitization tools to top-quality makeup. With an entire agency behind them, your artist can get anything you need, whenever you need it.

  • Reliability: We’ve worked hard to build this name. You don’t win awards by accident. Also, in the event that an emergency happens and an artist can’t make it, we’ll will put forth every effort in finding an emergency replacement. Because we work for many freelance artists, we have a large group to call on in the event of an emergency.  You can’t get that with a solo artist.

  • The Perfect Fit: We’ve been in this industry for years, so we know what it takes to make you look flawless. We’ll use our trained eyes to pick the best makeup artist/hair stylist  for you. Our eyes might catch something you missed.

Are you ready to look your best when it matters most? Contact the best bridal hair and makeup artists in Dallas. We can’t wait to bring the beauty to you and make you look stunning on your special day.

Corporate Address: 8401 Claude-Thomas Rd. Suite 43 Franklin Ohio 45005

We take pride in offering the BEST wedding hair and makeup experience possible and have been doing so for over a decade!  Please shop our site to read more about the benefits of airbrushing, check out our prices, browse reviews from our past brides, and more.

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